Let’s talk about salary: early career researchers & position-related salaries

What: Open webinar (Zoom)

When: Wednesday 16 February 2022, at 14.30-16.00. 

Do you know what your salary is based on? If your answer is “no” or “not quite sure”, you are not alone. According to a recent survey, a great many of the early career researchers working at universities are unsure how their pay is determined within the university’s salary system. 

Aalto University Researchers and Teachers ATTE, Finnish Association of Academic Researchers SATY and Helsinki University Association of Researchers and Teachers HUART organise a webinar focusing on position-related salary and how it is determined and negotiated. The webinar is targeted to all early career researchers working at either Aalto University or Helsinki University. Welcome!

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14.30 Welcome & Introduction to the survey for early career researchers

Stina Giesecke (ATTE, shop steward)


14.40 How your salary is related to the General Collective Agreement for Universities?  

Tiina Niklander (HUART, chief shop steward)


14.50 How to negotiate your salary? 

  • Katja Heikkilä (UH, head of employment affairs) – general job description of early-career researchers (5 min)
  • Ulla Martola (Aalto, head of operative hr) – the role of induction training for the early-career researchers (5 min)


15.00 Breakout rooms for participants from:

Aalto University (Ulla Martola, Stina Giesecke, Meri Jalonen)

The University of Helsinki (Katja Heikkilä, Tiina Niklander, Tommi Kokkonen) 

  • Short introduction to the philosophy of the salary system in use
  • Experiences, suggestions how to increase/improve early- career researchers’ knowledge about the salary system 


15.45 Concluding words

Meri Jalonen (SATY, chair) & Tommi Kokkonen (HUART, chair)