Leading interaction and communication in multicultural work environments

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The success of cooperation is determined by the ability to create a confidential, encouraging and open atmosphere where you are allowed to experiment, succeed, and learn. 

How to build a communications culture where everyone is seen and heard and valued as themselves?

This webinar offers concrete tools with which cooperation can go smoothly and diversity can be harnessed as the strength of cooperation. You will learn about different interaction and action styles, get tools to expand your perspectives and put yourself in someone else’s position. You will learn how to maintain the connection also in remote and digital environments.

This webinar is hosted by Reetta Viinanen.

Communications, Career and Mental Coach Reetta Viinanen has worked in communication, interaction, and change management in various industries and international environments for 15 years. It is important for Reetta to enable the cooperation of the work community through means of communication and interaction.

As a coach, Reetta is an encouraging inspirer who wants to not only increase people’s interaction skills but also personal courage to make required work life changes and take care of the well-being of individuals.


Webinaari kuuluu neliosaiseen Monikulttuurinen työympäristö -webinaarisarjaan, joka käsittelee johtamista, vuorovaikutusta, yhteistyötä ja resilienssitaitoja monikulttuurisissa työympäristöissä. Tutustu myös sarjan muihin webinaareihin Leading organizational culture in multicultural work environments ja Leading resilience and emotional skills in multicultural work environments. Sarjan neljännen webinaarin aihe ja puhuja tarkentuvat kevään 2023 aikana.