Leading resilience and emotional skills in multicultural work environments

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What is meant with the term of resilience – both in the academic field as well as in life in general? How can resilience be led to an organizational level?

This webinar gives advice on how stress is related to resilience and what are the factors that build an individual resilience potential. The webinar concentrates on how to lead the resilience capacity in multicultural environments.

This webinar is hosted by Laura Valli.

Laura Valli is a Ph.D. in administrative science and resilience researcher. She did her PhD on individual resilience and its management from the framework of crisis management. Laura has worked in the security branch for over a decade.




Webinaari kuuluu neliosaiseen Monikulttuurinen työympäristö -webinaarisarjaan, joka käsittelee johtamista, vuorovaikutusta, yhteistyötä ja resilienssitaitoja monikulttuurisissa työympäristöissä. Tutustu myös sarjan muihin webinaareihin Leading organizational culture in multicultural work environments ja Leading interaction and communication in multicultural work environments. Sarjan neljännen webinaarin aihe ja puhuja tarkentuvat kevään 2023 aikana.