The SPARK Resilience course in March!

The SPARK Resilience course is an evidence-based programme that aims at developing resilience. Resilience can be defined as psychological flexibility, reflected through the ability to recover from stressors and to thrive despite and in face of adversities.

  • The course consists of eight 90-minute sessions offered over the course of four weeks.
  • The content of the sessions includes key strategies for emotional and behavioural regulation, as well as key concepts of positive psychology like character strengths, meaning, optimism, capability, and motivation.
  • Training techniques include lectures, group discussions, individual reflection, guided mindfulness exercises and voluntary homework.
  • The course is tailored for members of FUURT.

Please note that the nature of the course is psychoeducative and it is not intended as a therapeutic course. The course is not suitable for persons suffering from acute mental health issues.

The trainer of the course is Dr. Natalia Skogberg, a qualified SPARK Resilience facilitator and a research manager at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), who has a wealth of first-hand experience in the ups and downs of the academic life.

Course schedule

Wednesday March 6th: 14.00-17.30

Wednesday March 13th: 14.00-17.30

Wednesday March 20th: 14.00-17.30

Wednesday March 27th: 14.00-17.30

For the registered participants: The trainer will send you the meeting link one week before the course starts. The course will be held in English.

For others: The course is fully booked, but please register on the waiting list. This way we can evaluate the demand for the course and possibly offer it again later this year. 

The course is only for members of FUURT.