TATTE Grants for wellbeing at work 2020

Application period: 1.-30.9.2020

The Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers (TATTE) awards small grants (ca. 50-400 euros depending on the cause) particularly for supporting wellbeing at the workplace. Grants can be applied for e.g. communal activities, recreational events, or purchases that enhance communal wellbeing. The grants are not targeted for scientific research purposes. Grants will not be awarded retrospectively.

Target group: All TATTE members can apply. Members can apply for grants alone or as a group. Applicants who are currently unemployed members of TATTE or grant researchers will be given priority.

Application: Applications should be submitted via the application form. The application should contain a short description (100-300 words) of the specific expense and a justification for it.

Report: Grant recipients are asked to write a short (max. one A4 page) description of the use of the grant. The description may include photos. The report must be accompanied by documentation of the costs. The reports or parts of the reports may be used in TATTE’s external communications work.

More information: anna.salonen@gmail.com

Application form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=r0Rp-nzM2EyRVMARMnmJEFW4FgNzUfNGvzXxdxs_LCZUQkFOOEo3TFVINjNCWkZDSkVGR0lRTzRWVy4u