Updating membership details

Please inform us of any changes to your membership details, such as a changed employment relationship or contact information, so that we can maintain an up‑to‑date member register.

In order to successfully represent our members’ interests, it is vitally important for us to have up-to-date information about where our members work!

You can change your membership details in eServices. 

In the service, you can change your personal and work-related information, give notice of a change of member association and, if you wish, cancel your magazine subscription.

If you have not denied the disclosure of your data, we will receive updated address details from Posti; in other cases, you must notify us of your new address yourself.

Please remember to notify our membership services (membership@fuurt.fi or jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi) if you are about to retire or have already  retired!

What is the e-service?

Resignation of membership

Resignation must be done in writing. If you want to resign from the union, please fill in the form in the e-service. The form can be found under My information > Memberships.

Please note that you cannot leave the union or the unemployment fund retroactively. Remember to make sure your membership fee is paid until the date of resignation.

If your membership fee has been charged directly from your salary, be sure to also notify your employer of the end of the membership fee collection.