Legal counselling for members

Counselling on employment and other professional legal matters and grant-funded work

The union offers its members legal counselling in matters pertaining to employment and grant-funded work. The union’s experts help with issues such as employment, collective agreement, fixed-term contracts, grants, research ethics, copyright, equality and non-discrimination issues, unemployment security, social security, funding and other issues related to our members’ working lives.

In the workplace, immediate help can usually be found by contacting your local shop steward (employee representative). In occupational health and safety issues it is also possible to contact the health and safety representative.

If the matter is about the operations of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund, the effect of part-time entrepreneurship on unemployment security or the accumulation of the amount of earnings-related unemployment benefit, we recommend contacting the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund’s customer service directly.

Contact instructions

Contacts related to the legal issues of working life are primarily requested by e-mail. It is a good idea to include the necessary background information in the first e-mail, such as the name of the employer, a description of the problem, information on the employment relationship (permanent/fixed-term, duration etc.) and a copy of the employment contract if the matter is related to the terms and conditions of employment.

Questions can usually be answered within a few working days; however, during peak times, such as just before the holidays, it can take a little longer to answer. Please contact us well in advance so we can help you in the best possible way.

Our telephone service for legal employment counselling is open on Tuesdays 1–4 p.m., and on Wednesdays 9 a.m. – 12 noon on +358 (0) 207 589 621.


Legal counselling

Union lawyer, Master of Laws, Salla Viitanen, +358 (0) 207 589 621 (Tue 1–4 p.m., Wed 9 a.m. – 12 noon) 


Director of Advocacy, Master of Laws, Mia Weckman, +358 (0) 207 589 616,


Please note that the membership fee does not include unlimited counselling services; the union considers on a case-by-case basis how extensive the measures taken should be. In principle, advice is given only on problems or issues that have arisen during membership.

The price for calls to numbers starting with (0)207 is 0.088 €/minute + VAT 24%.


Liability and legal expenses insurance

The union has both professional liability insurance and professional legal expenses insurance for its members.

Legal expenses insurance covers the necessary and reasonable legal expenses arising from the use of the insured’s lawyer, which have been incurred in disputes arising from employment, service or commission contracts in accordance with the terms and conditions. Grant-funded researchers are insured in matters concerning research work.

The use of legal expenses insurance is conditional on the union’s approval to use the insurance. Please contact the union before using the insurance. The union provides more detailed information on the content of legal expenses insurance and assists in finding the right kind of legal adviser.

Liability insurance covers personal injury and property damage caused by a member in the course of their work, for which the insured is liable under the applicable law.

Read more about the insurance on Turva’s website

Counselling on private legal matters

In legal matters pertaining to private life, members can contact Attorneys JB Eversheds Ltd lawyers directly at the advisory numbers below Mon–Fri from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The price for calls to numbers starting with 010 is 8.35 cents / call + 16.69 cents / min.

Helsinki +358 (0) 10 6841 400
Hämeenlinna +358 (0) 10 6841 401
Jyväskylä +358 (0) 10 6841 402
Tampere +358 (0) 10 6841 403
Turku +358 (0) 10 6841 404

Issues covered by private legal matters counselling include:

  • matters concerning inheritances, wills and distributions;
  • matters related to family law, such as marriage settlement agreements, divorce, division of the property, maintenance allowance;
  • legal matters concerning unmarried couples such as dissolution of joint ownership;
  • inheritance taxation and gift taxation;
  • matters related to tenancy and housing associations, housing transactions;

The telephone counselling service covers matters a lawyer can solve over the phone without consulting any documents. The counselling does not apply to the preparation of documents.