Frequently asked questions about membership fees

The membership fee is 1% of the primary wages subject to withholding tax, however for a minimum of 96 euro and maximum of 600* euro per year. From this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about membership fees.

 *Based on the decision by the autumn meeting of ITTE, the membership fee ceiling does not apply to their members. Not applicable to members of FFÅA either.

I have misplaced my membership fee invoice, so I don’t have the reference number. How can I pay my membership fee?

Our e-service has a membership fee calculator with which you can calculate the amount of your membership fee and get the bank account number and reference number for the time period of your choosing. You can access the e-service by logging in our e-services or in your mobile membership card under “Update your information”.  In our e-service, you can view your membership information and earlier fee payments.

The 600 euro maximum membership fee applies to me. Do I need to switch to e-invoicing?

No, you can keep paying your membership fee as you do now.

The membership fee ceiling applies to me. Can I continue to have my employer deduct the membership fee directly from my salary?

Yes, you can continue to have your membership fee deducted directly from your salary.

I want my employer to deduct the membership fee directly from my salary or wages. How do I make that happen?

Provide your employer with a proxy if you want your membership fee deducted directly from your salary or wages. The proxy should be given to your employer or directly to the party calculating your salary/wages. Keep a copy of the completed form for yourself as well. The employer will begin withholding the membership fee from your wages from the beginning of the month following the submission of the proxy, so please remember to pay the fee yourself before that. Print the proxy form our website.

Fill in the association number of your member association on the power of attorney.

Association – specific association numbers
Association Association number
Aalto-yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. ATTE 020
Forskarföreningen vid Svenska handelshögsskolan rf. FfSH 011
Forskarföreningen vid Åbo Akademi rf. FfÅA 001
Helsingin yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. HYT 003
Informaatioalan akateemiset ry. INA 022
Itä-Suomen tieteentekijät ry. ITTE 005
Jyväskylän yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. JYTTE 006
Lapin tieteentekijät ry. LaTi 018
Lappeenrannan tieteentekijät ry. LaTKA 008
Oulun yliopiston akateemiset ry. OYA 009
Suomen akateemisten tutkijoiden yhdistys ry. SATY 010
Tampereen tekniikan tieteentekijät ry. 3T 019
Tampereen yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. TATTE 012
Turun yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. TYT 014
Vaasan yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. VYTY 015

I am unemployed. What is my membership fee?

The membership fee for a non-salaried period is €8/month. Remember to update the information concerning the non-salaried period in webform.  

I work on grant funding, but I am also a part-time employee. How much will my membership fee be?

If you work part-time and the %-based membership fee calculated from your wages falls below €8/month, your membership fee will still be the minimum fee of €8/month.

Which wages or compensations are taken into consideration for my membership fee?

The membership fee takes all wages subject to withholding tax into account. Your income includes your gross earnings and comparable remunerations, holiday compensations, holiday pay, fringe benefits and severance packages in termination situations. The calculation of the membership fee does not include bonuses, options, incentives, allowances or kilometre allowances.


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Updating membership details

Also remember FUURT’s bot assistant! It is available to help you with membership issues any time it’s convenient for you and can further guide you to an expert if needed.