Strategy of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers 2020–2022

A leading defender of scientific knowledge in Finland, the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers promotes science policy, research and academic work. As the largest trade union in the university and research sector, we defend the interests of our members in working life and act as a key operator in securing the prerequisites for conducting high-standard academic work in Finland.

We emphasise the role of factual information and science in solving increasingly complex global issues. When it comes to academic work and higher education, the best results come slowly but surely; rather than quarterly, the timeframe is a quarter of a century.

Academics conduct research, work as teachers and educators, manage information pools and create prerequisites for research.  Through their work, they centrally contribute to the education and the highest competence level of the Finnish people.

We trust education and scientific knowledge to continue ensuring democracy and well-being in the face of any new challenges. At the same time, extensively utilising the skills of highly educated people in society boosts the competitive strength of Finland.

We are a multisectoral, geographically extensive and international trade union. Our equal and member-oriented operations cover all the career stages across all academic fields. The genders are equally represented among our members who consist of both Finns and foreigners working in Finland.

We promote the interests of our members both nationally and locally, close to our members, across Finland through our member associations.

Our values


We want to bring academics together, creating a sense of community and solidarity for all. Members can access the physical community and its operators through their local member association. We value and appreciate each member and want to give all members equal opportunities to use the union’s services and influence the union’s activities.


Our operations and communications are open and transparent. We have the courage to take a stand to protect the interests of our members.


Internationality and diversity are a natural and central part of our union.  We are a genuinely multilingual trade union and act as pioneers of multilinguality in the trade union sector as well.

Taking initiative

We know how to take initiative and renew our operations. Reformation work is always based on the needs of our members and changing situations. We look boldly to the future and approach challenges with a positive and solution-oriented mindset.