Membership fees

The Union’s membership fee is 0,95–1,1% of your gross salary from principal activity, depending on the member association in question. The exact membership fee percentage can be checked below. The membership fee includes also the Teachers’ unemployment fund, except for pensioners and students.

The percentage-based fee is calculated from the salary paid for your main occupation that is subject to withholding tax. No other rewards or the like need to be taken into account in the membership fee.

If you work part-time and the %-based membership fee calculated from your salary is less than 8 € / month, then the membership fee is a fixed 8 € / month. Periods with and without salary do not have to be combined in the membership fee for the same month, but the membership fee is either a % of the salary or at least 8 € / month.

If your membership starts in the middle of a month, the membership fee will be calculated for less than a month as follows:

  • divide your monthly salary with calendar days from the month and you get your salary per day
  • multiply your salary per day with days of membership, then calculate the right amount (%) of membership fee.

The membership fee for those without Finnish salary income has been reduced and is 8 euros per month. 

Please remember to let us know your discount basis and the estimated period of the discount period. 

The following are entitled to a membership fee discount: 

  • grant/scholarship researchers
  • those on maternity, paternity or parental leave (unsalaried period)
  • those on child care leave
  • conscript soldiers or civilian servicemen
  • those who are unemployed
  • those on alternating leave
  • those on an unsalaried leave for some other reason
  • those working in salaried employment outside Finland (unemployment security must be arranged separately)
  • entrepreneurs (unemployment security must be arranged separately)

For pensioners and students the membership fee is 60 euros per year depending on a member association, or 5 euros per month if membership begins in the middle of a year. Membership for pensioners and students does not include the unemployment fund.

Membership fees by association 2021

Association Association number Membership fee
from salary %
(employment in
fee from grant
or unsalaried
Aalto-yliopiston tieteentekijät ry. ATTE 020 1,0 8 no decision 60
Forskarföreningen vid Svenska handelshögsskolan rf. FfSH 011 0,95 8 60 60
Forskarföreningen vid Åbo Akademi rf. FfÅA 001 1,0 8 0 60
Helsinki University Researchers and Teachers Association HUART 003 1,1 8 96 60
The Association of Academic Information Specialists INA 022 1,1 8 0 60
Association of Researchers and Teachers of Eastern Finland ITTE 005 1,0 8 60 60
Association of Researchers and Teachers of University of Jyväskylä JYTTE 006 1,05 8 60 60
Lapin tieteentekijät ry. LaTi 018 1,0 8 60 60
Lappeenrannan tieteentekijät ry. LaTKA 008 1,0 8 60 60
University of Oulu Academics (UOA) OYA 009 1,1 8 0 60
Finnish Association of Academic Researchers SATY 010 1,0 8 no decision 60
Tampereen tekniikan tieteentekijät ry. 3T 019 1,0 8 60 60
Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers TATTE 012 1,05 8 60 60
University of Turku Researchers, Teachers and Lecturers (TURTLE) TYT 014 1,0 8 0 60
University of Vaasa Researchers’ and Teachers’ Association VYTY 015 1,05 8 60 60

Payment of the membership fees

The reference numbers for the membership fee payments are sent to all members once a year in January or February.

The payments are due monthly so that the due date is the 10th of the following month.

It is important to use the correct reference number when paying to ensure that the payment is recorded accurately.

You should save the letter containing the reference numbers for the entire year.

Membership fees can also be paid in our eServices, where the membership fee calculator gives you the right amount of membership fee and informs you about the correct bank account number and reference number to make the payment. In the eServices, you can also see your past payments and change your payment rhythm.

If you need further help with the payment of membership fees, you can contact our membership services via jasenpalvelu(at)

You can also authorise your employer to collect and pay the membership fee directly from your salary.

Collection of membership fees by proxy

Complete the authorisation form to enable your employer to collect the membership fee directly from your salary. Give the form to your employer and send a copy to the membership services of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers. Print a copy of the completed form for your own records as well.

If you are a new member, please give the authorisation form to your employer only after receiving a confirmation of your membership in our union. If you are an old member and you change employment, please update your employment details in our e-Services and give the authorisation form to your new employer.

You can print the authorisation form here

When completing the form, the basis of amount for collection is the association-specific membership fee percentage that you can see above. The form should also include the association number from the table above.

Membership fees and taxation

The Union reports the association membership fees directly to the tax authorities. You should, however, save all membership fee receipts.