Researchers, teachers and academic experts – welcome to the Union!

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) is an organisation and trade union for researchers, teachers and other academic experts at universities and in different research institutions either in public or private sector.

You can join the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers through one of its many member associations.

See all member associations here.

You can complete an online membership application here.

With the same application you apply to become a member of FUURT, one of our member associations and the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science. The board of the member association in question decides on its new members and notifies them in writing of the decision.

Membership benefits

As a member of FUURT, you can take advantage of the versatile member services and benefits.

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Membership fees

The membership fee is 1% of the primary wages subject to withholding tax, however for a minimum of 96 euro and maximum of 600* euro per year. The membership fee includes also the Teachers’ unemployment fund, except for pensioners and students.

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Updating membership details

Please inform us of any changes to your membership details, such as a changed employment relationship or contact information, so that we can maintain an up‑to‑date member register.

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