Higher education and science policy

Major opinion-leader in higher education and science policy

A leading defender of research and scientific knowledge in Finland, the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers promotes science policy, research and academic work. This is written in the union’s strategy for 2020–2022.

Our members expect the union to emphatically influence higher education and science policy. Member surveys show that this is considered one of the key duties of the union.

Securing the prerequisites for conducting high-standard science guides the union’s operations, advocacy and communications. It is important to ensure steady funding development for higher education and research. The financing model of universities is in need of more stability and openness. In addition, academics need more secure careers.

The union emphasises the role of science and knowledge in solving increasingly complex global issues. Research produces information slowly but surely.

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers trusts education and scientific knowledge to continue ensuring democracy and well-being in the face of any new challenges.