Shop stewards

Shop stewards help our members at their work places in questions and concerns related to employment. Here is a list of local JUKO shop stewards that are FUURT members at different work places. If there is no FUURT member as a shop steward at your work place, you can also ask for help and support from other local shop stewards.

Shop stewards at universities

Kirsi Heino kirsi.heino(at) Deputy chief shop steward
Mika Karhu mikarhu(at) Shop steward
Nidia Obscura Acosta nidia.obscuraacosta(at) Shop steward
Jorma Laaksonen jorma.laaksonen(at) Deputy shop steward
Jan Studený jan.studeny(at) Deputy shop steward
Tejas Kotha tejas.kotha(at) Deputy shop steward


Åbo Akademi
Mika Helander mika.helander(at) Shop steward


Sirpa Aalto sirpa.aalto(at) Shop steward


Helsingin yliopisto
Tiina Niklander tiina.niklander(at) Chief shop steward
Ninna Koho ninna.koho(at) Shop steward
Thomas Hackman thomas.hackman(at) Shop steward
Syed Ashraful Alam ashraful.alam(at) Shop steward
Melissa Plath melissa.plath(at) Shop steward
Tommi Mäklin tommi(at) Shop steward
Jussi Piipponen jussi.piipponen(at) Shop steward
Päivi Kuuppelomäki paivi.kuuppelomaki(at) Deputy shop steward
Laura Kortesoja laura.kortesoja(at) Deputy shop steward
Maija Paavolainen maija.paavolainen(at) Deputy shop steward


Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Antero Puhakka antero.puhakka(at) Chief shop steward
Markku Saarelainen markku.saarelainen(at) Deputy chief shop steward
Marko Pietilä marko.pietila(at) Deputy shop steward
Ismo Björn ismo.bjorn(at) Deputy shop steward
Saara Koikkalainen saara.koikkalainen(at) Shop steward
Cristina Florea cristina.florea(at) Shop steward
Sanna Rantakömi Deputy shop steward


Jyväskylän yliopisto
Matti Leppäniemi matti.leppaniemi(at) Depyty chief shop steward
Jouni Pekka Kaipainen jouni.p.kaipainen(at) Shop steward
Tanja Välisalo tanja.valisalo(at) Shop steward
Margarethe Olbertz-Siitonen margarethe.olbertz-siitonen(at) Deputy shop steward
Hannah Yoken hannah.k.yoken(at) Deputy shop steward


Lapin yliopisto
Jarmo Kiuru jarmo.kiuru(at) Chief shop steward


Oulun yliopisto
Pirkko Viitala pirkko.viitala(at) Chief shop steward
Pauli Väisänen pauli.vaisanen(at) Depyty chief shop steward
Jari Heikkinen jari.heikkinen(at) Shop steward
Kari Moisio kari.moisio(at) Shop steward
Seija Jalagin seija.jalagin(at) Shop steward
Mikko Karpale mikko.karpale(at) Shop steward
Aku Venhola avenhola(at) Depyty shop steward
Anna Nyberg anna.nyberg(at) Depyty shop steward
Salla Kangas salla.kangas(at) Depyty shop steward


Tampereen yliopisto
Sinikka Torkkola sinikka.torkkola(at) Chief shop steward
Marko Helenius marko.helenius(at) Shop steward
Esa Hakala esa.hakala(at) Deputy shop steward


Turun yliopisto
Antti Pajala antti.pajala(at) Chief shop steward
Mika Keränen mika.keranen(at) Deputy chief shop steward
Kimmo Peltola kimmo.peltola(at) Shop steward
Maija Peltola maija.peltola(at) Shop steward
Henna Tamminen henna.tamminen(at) Shop steward
Anna Karhu anna.karhu(at) Shop steward
Seppo Virtanen seppo.virtanen(at) Shop steward
Mika Sarlin miksar(at) Shop steward
Elina Pelto elina.pelto(at) Deputy shop steward
Elina Valovirta  elmava(at) Deputy shop steward
Tommi Kurki tommi.kurki(at) Deputy shop steward
Minna Vuorio-Lehti mivule(at) Deputy shop steward
Juha Ylisalo  jtylis(at) Deputy shop steward
Katja Haapanen katja.haapanen(at) Deputy shop steward
Tuulia Salovaara  tuulia.salovaara(at) Deputy shop steward
Jussi Lehtonen  jussi.lehtonen(at) Deputy shop steward


Vaasan yliopisto
Niina Nissilä niina.nissila(at) Deputy shop steward
Teemu Mäenpää teemu.maenpaa(at) Shop steward


Shop stewards at other work places

Academy of Finland Jussi Varkemaa jussi.varkemaa(at) Chief shop steward
Milja Saari milja.saari(at) Shop steward
Statistics Finland
Pääkaupunkiseudun kierrätyskeskus Anu Hakala anu.hakala(at) Deputy shop steward
Satakunta Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment Hannu Ahvenjärvi hannu.ahvenjarvi(at) Deputy shop steward
Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura ry
National Repository Library
City of Kuopio Pekka Kankkunen pekka.kankkunen(at) Deputy chief shop steward