Akava: In the labour market conflict, the keys to the solution lie with the Finnish Government

Akava has proposed to the Government an overall review of the working-life reforms, an impact assessment and solutions that would balance the Government Programme’s labour reforms. However, the Government has been reluctant to act on these proposals. Akava would like to emphasise that the Finnish Government holds the keys to solving the labour market crisis. At its meeting on 19 January, Akava’s Board of Directors made a decision on political industrial action, the organisation of which will be coordinated by Akava.

“Throughout the autumn and the early part of the year, we have tried to find a solution to the labour market crisis by proposing a path of negotiation and agreement. We want the Government to listen to us at Akava who are eager to reform society. There are many worthy goals in the Government Programme, but we believe that its direction with regard to working life is wrong. With this measure, we want to express our concern even more emphatically,” says Maria Löfgren, President of Akava.

“The Finnish Government is taking working life in a more uncertain direction. We want to solve the difficult situation of public finances and agree on ways to generate growth and strengthen employment. I am convinced that, in a democratic society, co-operation and agreement will takes us further than abandoning the tradition of agreement,” says Löfgren.

Akava’s unions will carry out walkouts in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku and Tampere

At its meeting on 19 January 2024, Akava’s Board of Directors decided to implement political industrial action coordinated by Akava. The workplace walkouts will take place on 6 February between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku and Tampere as well as partially in other cities around Finland.

The following Akava unions will participate in the walkouts: The Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, Akava Special Branches, Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja, DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland, The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, Union of Technical Professionals KTK, Finnish Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu, Talentia Union of Professional Social Workers, Finnish Pharmacists’ Association, The Finnish Medical Association, The Finnish Psychological Association, The Finnish Association of Speech Therapists, The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses, The Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses, The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers FUURT, Professionals of Business and Technology, and Social Science Professionals.

“The unions participating in the walkouts have made their decisions based on their own starting points. Many of our unions have civil servant members who cannot participate in the walkouts. Some of our unions have previously taken measures or been involved in measures coordinated by other confederations of unions,” says Löfgren.

“Our position is clear. We are ready to co-operate and negotiate. We are working for a better working life. I appeal to the Finnish Government that we work together to find a solution to the labour market crisis,” says Löfgren.

For further information, please contact Maria Löfgren, President of Akava, tel. +358 (0)40 568 2798