Newsletter 2 / 2020



Due to the risk of the spred of the corona virus, the spring assembly on the 24.3 is cancelled. The meeting will be moved to a later date that will be communicated later.


The Union has sent out a press release with useful information about the corona virus and the workplace. You can read the advice here in its entirety:

The press release in brief (freely translated and summarized from the English and Finnish version):

Follow the instructions in the Åbo Akademi University announcements and the instructions of the Finnish Authorities.

  • What to do if I get sick by the coronavirus, or some other flu?

If you get sick as an employee you should always take sick leave. You are entitled to salary during the sick leave period. If you are on a grant or scholarship and have signed the MELA insurance, you are entitled to compensation. Read more here:

  • Am I entitled to allowance if I have been officially ordered to be in quarantine?

If you (or your younger-than 16 year old child) have been ordered into isolation or quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus, you are entitled to Communicable disease allowance during a quarantine as a compensation from KELA for the loss of income. Read more in the press release and on

  • I am on a grant or scholarship. What to do if the situation affects my planned work?

This is a tricky situation. Discuss with your examiner and supervisor if you cannot conduct e.g. certain research tasks, workshops, interviews. Try to find a way around it, or postpone the tasks. You might have to change your work and/or PhD plan. Get in contact with the funding agency as well to discuss the situation.

  • Travelling and what about salary if I am ordered into a 14-day quarantine because I travelled?

The union as well as Åbo Akademi University advice members and employees, respectively, not to travel during the epidemic. If you still have travelled after Friday 13.3.2020 when the Finnish Authorities restricted traveling, it is unclear if you are entitled to salary during your 14-day quarantine. At all time, follow the instructions of the Finnish Authorities and the university.

What about if the employer would order unpaid leave, or if I want to go on volunatry unpaid leave?

Ordering unpaid leave (or e.g. shortening of working hours) is the employers choice! If this would be something that Åbo Akademi University will do, the university will have to inform about this 1 month in advance. If this would be the case you are as a member of the union entitled to allowance. Check and get in contact if that is the case. Remember that you do NOT as an employee have to agree to voluntary unpaid leave! Doing this might affect your entitlement to allowance and insurance.

  • What about remote work and what happens as the workplace closes?

Åbo Akademi University has closed the campuses as of today 18.3.2020, and remote work is thus recommended. If you as an employee has normal working time you can agree on remote work with the employer. Those of you who have “total working time” (1624 h/year) do not have to sign any other work contracts, but agree with the employer and boss how to proceed.

Employees that can work remotely, even though the workplace is closed, are entitled to salary as normal. Employees that cannot conduct their work are entitled to salary for 14 days.

Here are some additional, useful links:

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