Applying for job positions and funding

Applying for jobs and planning for a career are topical at different stages of academic careers. Completing a doctorate, for example, is one typically one point in a research career, when many ponder the potential options. Help and support for career planning can be searched from career services and career tracking surveys, as well as networking events and so forth.


You can begin the application process for jobs e.g. at the TE Services website. If needed, you can register there as an unemployed jobseeker and search for open vacancies.

At the TE Services website, you can find information on job seeking, labor market training and vacancies.

Members of the The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) are provided with unemployment insurance through the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund. For further information on unemployment security, visit the FUURT website. For further information on earnings-linked unemployment security, visit the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science website and Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ) 

Finding a job in Finland

Academic Positions − Akateeminen uraverkosto provides jobseekers with a forum that offer a wide variety of jobs in academic and scientific organizations.

Aarresaari − Academic Career Services is a network of academic Finnish career and recruiting services representing Finnish universities. Vacancies are advertised on the universities’ websites only. However, the Aarresaari website provides helpful information, including instructions for drafting a CV or a job application, as well as for looking for a job outside Finland.

The Academy of Finland has two annual periods for submitting applications. Applications for jobs outside Finland can also be submitted outside the Academy’s regular application periods.

If you are interested in a career as a civil servant, visit the website. Individuals with varied educational backgrounds can apply for job positions in the government.

Finnish municipalities have their own recruiting website, kuntarekry, available in Finnish and Swedish.

Finland has a wide range of organizations that employ individuals with an academic education. Organizations also hire people with a doctoral degree.

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, visit the Yrittäjät website, available in Finnish, and other similar websites, and, if you are enthusiastic about cooperation, the Pellervo website, available in Finnish and English.

Vacancies are also advertised on the website, maintained by a number of newspapers, available in Finnish, as well as at the Uratie website, maintained by Talentum’s trade magazines.

On the website of the TE services, a number of links point to websites advertising vacancies.

The Network of Doctors aims to lend support to improving the career prospects of holders of a doctorate degree, to develop their skills to succeed as an entrepreneur, to further their networking and to improve their prospects of receiving peer support, to counteract negative notions of and attitudes towards them with an adverse effect on their employment, and to find solutions to the rising unemployment rate among holders of a doctorate degree. This network relies on the Skillhive platform – formed by a ‘swarm’ of experts – and the members also compare notes in a LinkedIn group and on Twitter under the #tohtoriverkosto hashtag (‘Network of Doctors’).

Using social media in job search will be discussed further down.

Finding a job outside Finland

Those who are interested in finding a job outside Finland can find helpful information, in Finnish, at the website of the Union.

Academic Positions − Akateeminen uraverkosto is a leading career network in the Northern and Central Europe. It offers jobseekers a wide variety of jobs in academic and scientific organizations.

Researchers can find information on job opportunities at the EURAXESS–Researchers in Motionwebsite.

The Your Europe website offers both helpful advice and information on vacancies.

Many community-based services, such as LinkedInResearchGate or advertise vacancies at their websites.


The Aurora database, available in Finnish, provides a list of Finnish foundations and sponsors.

The next Post Docs in Companies application round will take place in 1.3-15.4.2023.

Information on working with a grant

The Säätiöpalvelu website

The Grants and scholarships webpage of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers.

Looking for a job using the social media

ResearchGate is a community service for researchers in which you can create a researcher profile of your own, share files, set up new groups and participate in discussions on discussion forums. This website also has a listing of vacancies. is a community-based service where you can share your research results. also provides a listing of vacancies.

LinkedIn is a community service which enables you to expand your networks and receive offers of employment.

Slideshare: This is a sharing service for slideshow that you should link, for example, with Twitter, or embed in your LinkedIn profile.

Your own blog: A blog geared towards demonstrating your expertise and/or job seeking efforts and making use of Twitter and other social media may contribute positively to your chances of finding a job. You can start your own blog using the blog services of the various universities and research institutes. Other free-of-charge blog services are listed, for example, at the University of Helsinki website.

A critical assessment of the community services used by researchers (Nature, 13 August 2014): Richard Van Noorden: Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network