Member: Is your employment and contact information up to date?

The spring is once again time for collective agreement negotiations, and they widely affect FUURT members in different sectors.

Please remember to keep your employment and contact information up to date!

It is important that your employment and contact information is up to date in our member register, so that you will receive the latest news about the negotiations and agreements.

You can update your contact information or changes in employment relationships in FUURT’s electronic member services: E-SERVICE

You can also update your information by emailing our member service, jasenpalvelu(at) If necessary, the information can also be updated by phone. The telephone service for membership matters is available on weekdays at 9 a.m.–4 p.m., tel. +358 (0)207 589 619. The price for calls to numbers starting with (0)207 is €0.088/minute + VAT 24%.

You can follow the communications concerning the negotiations for the public sector on the website of the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO:


JUKO publishes bulletins concerning the negotiations. You can also follow JUKO on Facebook and @JUKOry on Twitter with the hashtag #neuvotellen2022.

Communications from the private sector negotiation organisation at Akava, the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN, concerning new agreements and negotiations for professional and managerial staff can be found at:


You can also follow @YTN_ry on Twitter and Ylemmät toimihenkilöt YTN on Facebook.