Maiju Meller starts work as legal assistant for FUURT

Law student Maiju Meller started work as a legal assistant for FUURT in September. She works part-time to support the Union’s legal counselling and advocacy work in particular.

Maiju studies law at the University of Helsinki and has previously worked for the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

Prior to her law studies, Maiju worked for a long time in the translation industry, translating Swedish, Danish and English. Maiju became interested in law as a result of the many labour law issues characteristic of the translation business.

­“Similar issues also affect academics to a certain degree. How and under which conditions work is conducted has an impact on the attractiveness of an academic career”, she states.

Maiju is particularly interested in labour and social law. At FUURT, she is able to look into both traditional labour law as well as grant work and copyrights.

“The best thing about my position as a legal assistant is working with visionary experts who genuinely work for the benefit of the members. It is important for me to do work that is in line with my values. I really appreciate that my work combines law and advocacy work.”

In her free time, Maiju enjoys walking her dog, reading books and playing the ukulele.