Information on the Corona virus pandemic at workplaces

Please follow your employer’s announcements, and the instructions of the Finnish Authorities. Many universities have given profound instructions concerning remote work, university lectures and events.

Communicable disease allowance during a quarantine

A person who has been ordered into isolation or quarantine to prevent the spread of a communicable disease, is entitled to receive a Communicable disease allowance as compensation for the loss of income, per the Health Insurance Act (1224/2004). The same applies to the guardian of a child under the age of 16, if the child is ordered for the reason stated above to remain at home, and the guardian is prevented from working for this reason. More information on KELA’s website.

Corona and remote work

Remote work is highly recommended during the epidemic. If an employee has normal working time, they can agree on remote work with the employer. Those who have so called total working time (1624 hours per year) do not have to sign any remote work contracts, but only agree with the employer how to proceed concerning tasks that need presence at the workplace.


Most of the universities have given instructions concerning travelling. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed today that all travelling should be cancelled at the moment. We advise our members not to travel during the epidemic. Please follow the instructions of the Finnish Authorities.

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