Our Information sector and open science work group monitors and comments on the implementation of open science in Finland

At the moment, open science is one of the biggest questions in the Finnish and international science sectors. In brief, open science refers to the aspiration for open research results, learning materials and study materials so that all research could be used in full, both socially and scientifically.

Open science is an extremely wide-ranging concept. The aim for openness is valid, but making it a reality requires careful consideration when taking into account the rights and incentives of all the parties and especially merit, a factor particularly important in the world of academia, and the criteria thereof.

In early 2020, the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers established a new work group to meet this challenge. The purpose of the work group is to support the work of the Union’s Board and administrative office in the representation activities concerning open science and the information sector. The work group prepares a policy paper regarding key questions to the Board for approval and otherwise supports the operations of the Board in the representation activities of the information sector and open science through purposeful measures.

Ten Finnish specialists from the information sector and the field of open science were selected to the work group. To date, the group has met five times and discussed open learning materials, preprints, Green Open Access and open data, among other things, as well as shared information on universities’ policies both during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the field of open science. Initially, the meetings were held in the hybrid format, but after the start of the pandemic in Finland, the group has opted for remote meetings.

The work group has discussed the reports and partial policy drafts for the coordination of open science prepared by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and drawn up statements on open science for the Board of FUURT. In addition, the work group has prepared a survey to be sent to the members of the Union, studying the members’ views on open science for the first time.

The topics particularly highlighted in the work include the practical significance of information sector expertise and resourcing in the implementation of services related to open science as well as focusing on the employee perspective when planning the development of open science. The work group promotes viewpoints that might otherwise be forgotten when implementing open science projects.

Members of the work group

Yrsa Neuman, Taija Tuoresjärvi, Esa Hakala, Kaisa Kulkki, Leena Huovinen, Maija Paavolainen, Jukka Kananen, Anna Nyberg, Janne-Tuomas Seppänen, Ari Rouvari

For more information, please contact: Secretary of the work group Salla Viitanen (salla.viitanen@tieteentekijat.fi)