Nominate a candidate for Academic of the Year 2022

It is time once again to choose our Academic of the Year – Vuoden tieteentekijä!

The Academic of the Year (Vuoden tieteentekijä) is an individual who has, through their own actions or activities, advanced the possibilities of the scientific community to engage in long-term scientific pursuits, brought positive publicity to the field of scientific research and matters that are important to FUURT, or advanced the use of researched knowledge as part of societal decision-making.

The Academic of the Year may work for example at a university or research institute, or within the public sector, a company, or an organisation. The individual may be your colleague or someone whose public work you have followed.

Who do you think deserves recognition as the Academic of the Year and the accompanying award of 5,000 euro?

We invite all academics and friends of researched knowledge to nominate a candidate for Academic of the Year. Use the attached form to submit the name of your candidate and the reasoning for your choice by 11 November. Remember to include your contact information and that of your candidate.  All those who submit a candidate will be entered in our drawing for a gift voucher worth 150 euro!

The Union Board will select the Academic of the Year 2022 based on the candidates chosen by a preliminary jury. We will announce the Academic of the Year early in December.

FUURT has named an Academic of the Year each year since 1997.