Training, courses and career coaching 

UP! Webinars 2024

Working life has received new forms: hybrid work is already a part of everyday life, and while some fields have diminished, others suffer from a shortage of labour.

The webinars present different perspectives to working life in Finland today – from cultural diversity to balancing work and life.

All webinars can also be viewed later as recordings.

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Career coaching to support job-seeking, career development and planning, and well-being 

Career coaching is a service from which a union member can book a phone appointment with a career coach to discuss e.g. job-seeking, career development and planning, and well-being. 

Coaching is carried by our partner UP! Partners. Confidentiality, friendliness and expertise lay the foundation for coaching. UP! Partners is Finland’s leading company offering virtual coaching for working life. Learn more about the coaches.

Each coaching is a 20-minute-long discussion with a professional career coach. A member can book a maximum of two coaching sessions. Coaching is available in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian and Estonian. 

If you are interested in making an appointment with a career coach, please be first in contact with our membership services.

Topics of career coaching include e.g. 

Career development and job-seeking 

  • job-seeking, CV, job application and motivation letter, LinkedIn 
  • competence mapping 
  • social media in job seeking 
  • different career paths and goal setting 

Managerial skills 

  • support for managers and team leaders 

Well-being of body and mind 

  • working capacity and mental well-being at work 
  • physical well-being and nutrition 

Succeed as an entrepreneur 

  • starting your own business, advice for new entrepreneurs and self-employed

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