Support from the member service and legal counselling during summertime

Our member service is available normally throughout the summer.

FUURT’s e-service can be used to conveniently change membership details and manage membership fees. Through the e-service, you can easily update any changes to your contact details or employment relationship. You can also check and pay your membership fees in the service.  

The e-service can be accessed and utilised by members 24/7. Remember to inform us if your contact details or workplace changes. That will ensure that we can do our best to promote your interests! 

Legal counselling during the summer season 

Is your employment relationship ending during the summer or do you think you might be laid off and need legal counselling? Contact us as soon as possible, since the end of June is typically a busy time for our counselling services. 

We are also available to assist members with urgent employment-related matters in July as well. If your issue is urgent, such as a dismissal, lay off or written warning, contact the Union office via the e-service. We will deal with non-urgent issues in August. 

Veera Keski-Säntti, Lawyer, provides legal advice by phone on Tuesdays, 9 a.m.–12 noon, and Thursdays, 12 noon–4 p.m. You can reach Veera by calling +358 (0)207 589 621. Veera can be contacted at other times through the e-service. 

Remember that, for unemployment security issues, you can also contact the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science. 

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