Grant-funded work – FUURT’s new policies to support grant-funded researchers

FUURT’s new policies intended to improve the position of grant-funded researchers take a stand on, among other things, agreement practices between the grant-funded researcher and the university, and the position of grant-funded researchers within the university community.

During 2023, FUURT’s Early Career Researchers’ Committee examined the current practices of different universities concerning grant-funded researchers. As a result of its work, the Committee drafted policies and recommendations to clarify the position and improve the working conditions of grant-funded researchers.

Grant-funded work! FUURT’s policy for good grant practices in universities (2024) offers solutions to facilitate the work of grant-funded researchers at universities and ways to improve their position as part of the academic work community. Other research organisations in which grant-funded researchers work can also utilise the policies and recommendations as appropriate.

Through their work, grant-funded researchers contribute to the results and impact of universities in the form of doctoral degrees, research publications, and societal interaction, among other ways. However, few universities systematically collect information about the projects and funding of grant-funded researchers.

‘Universities should systematically collect information about grant-funded research in order to bring more visibility to its scientific and social impact. This would also support the universities’ internal development work and decision-making’, explains Pauli Väisänen, Vice President of FUURT and Chair of the Early Career Researchers Committee.

FUURT also works in close co-operation with the Association of Finnish Foundations as a means of supporting grant-funded researchers.

‘FUURT’s support for grant-funded researchers is vital, both in terms of information provision and mental support. Although many challenges associated with research careers are not related to the source of research funding, we continuously work collaboratively with researcher associations and universities to at least ensure that the practices of foundations providing funding are not an obstacle to a good working life for researchers. The updated policies provide excellent tips and recommendations for universities and funding providers on how they might develop their own activities to provide the best support possible to researchers’, states Liisa Suvikumpu, Docent, Managing Director of the Association of Finnish Foundations.


Grant-funded work! FUURT’s policy for good grant practices in universities (2024)


FUURT’s new grant funding policies supplement the previously drafted policies intended to support the work and well-being of early career researchers.

See also our updated Grant Information Guide. Download the guide here.  The updated Grant Information Guide for FUURT members can be found in the e-service.


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