FUURT and OAJ meetings with university management – topics include the Government programme and attracting international talent

The aim of the university tour is to hear local viewpoints to support national advocacy work and to discuss current topics concerning academic working life with university management. The first shared university tour of the unions was organised two years ago.

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers and the Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ will meet with the management of all universities this autumn. Important topics for discussion include the Government programme from the universities’ perspective and funding for higher education. The parties will also discuss the means to attract more international talent and the changes occurring in academic work.

“We are also particularly interested in university measures to strengthen the wellbeing of personnel, different academic career paths and changes in the work. Of the current themes, higher education pedagogy and appreciation for teaching work have been the focus”, states Hanna Tanskanen, Special Advisor for Labour Market, Higher Education and Science Policy at OAJ.

“With the management, we also discuss the challenges for doctoral education, the draw of universities as workplaces and the language policies of the universities. All of these are very current social themes and currently on FUURT’s agenda. It is important for our members that, in addition to the (local) associations, the Union and university management have a good relationship”, says Johanna Moisio, Executive Director of FUURT.

The first shared university tour of the unions was organised two years ago. Katja Aho, Negotiation Manager at the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO, has also been asked to join this year’s tour.

“The university tour from two years ago proved to us that these types of meetings are vital in terms of co-operation. It is valuable to hear each university’s viewpoints on current issues. It enables a more comprehensive discussion on the issues”, Tanskanen explains.

“We have invited JUKO to join us, so that the information about current local themes is widely disseminated throughout our organisational community”, Moisio adds.

The universities are represented at the meetings by the rectors and various other management personnel, such as vice rectors and administrative and personnel management. The university tour began in August at the University of Vaasa. Agreed meetings for this autumn to date:

23 August                                   University of Vaasa

1 September                               Hanken School of Economics

8 September                              Aalto University

13 September                            University of Oulu

14 September                            University of Turku

2 October                                   Åbo Akademi University

6 October                                   University of Helsinki

13 October                                 University of Lapland

23 October                                 LUT University

31 October                                 University of the Arts Helsinki

3 November                              University of Eastern Finland

9 November                              University of Tampere

22 November                            University of Jyväskylä


Further information:

Johanna Moisio, firstname.lastname(a)tieteentekijat.fi

Hanna Tanskanen, firstname.lastname(a)oaj.fi