For your benefit -campaign at the universities has started


The campaign For your benefit has started 11th November at 3 pm. JUKO and its member unions in the university sector campaign on behalf of the collective agreement in the universities.

When we add quality ingredients the soup gets thicker and better. The campaign refers to the fact that a good collective agreement is made of good and fair provisions for your benefit. The main message of the campaign is that the collective agreement guarantees everyone at the universities benefits that are better than the law. The purpose of the campaign is to prove how we at the universities benefit from the collective agreement. The campaign is also a part of the preparation for the negotiations next spring.

On the campaign pages you will find information about the collective agreement affects work and everyday life. Please visit the campaign pages and participate in the discussion in the social media at #työehtosoppa, talk about the collective agreement with your fellow colleagues at the campus.

Let’s make it together good and fair For our benefit.


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FUURT has members in various workplaces in both the public and private sectors. The university sector is the largest employer of the union’s members. In university, state and municipal negotiations, the members of the union are represented by the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO. In the university sector’s collective bargaining for general collective agreement, one of JUKO’s negotiators is the union’s Director of Advocacy.