Early career researcher

We have compiled current information, advice and guidelines on this page for early career researchers.

Early career researcher is a general concept that includes both those working on their doctoral thesis and newly graduated doctors. The latter group is referred to in the academic field as, for example, postdoctoral researchers. The duration of the postdoctoral phase varies depending on the definition. In the survey of FUURT’s early career researchers, for example, the duration is defined as a maximum of four years from the completion of the dissertation.

Policies intended to support the work and well-being of early career researchers

The Early Career Researchers’ working group

FUURT’s Early Career Researchers’ working group is an active multisectoral group that, among other things, especially prepares the Union’s position papers on doctoral researchers and grant researchers.

The working group’s activities support the Union’s advocacy work in special matters concerning early career researchers, grant researchers, and international researchers. The working group also participates in the activities of Eurodoc, the European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers.


The Early career researchers’ working group

Pauli Väisänen, OYA, president of the working group
Azimatu Seidu, ATTE
Greta Andersson, FfSH
Anna Törnroos-Remes, FfÅA
Olli-Pekka Kasurinen, HYT
Sanna Rantakömi, ITTE
Johanna Turunen, JYTTE
Janne Kosonen, LATI
Jussi Simola, SATY
Emilia Luukka, TATTE
Katja Haapanen, TYT
Hilpi Kangas, VYTY
Maija Mattila, secretary of the working group



Most researchers’ careers include both grant-funded periods and working in employment relationships. Even if the content of the research work would be roughly the same, working under a grant differs from an employment relationship in many ways. Therefore, the working life skills of every academic include knowing the basics of working under a grant.

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Checklist for the grant recipient

FUURT’s Grant Information Guide 2021

FUURT members may access the guide in two ways: The mobile membership card menu contains a new Grant guide 2021 page with a direct link to the guide. The guide is also available on the website with the use of a password.

You can acquire a password from the mobile membership card Grant guide page. If you do not want to use the mobile card, you can request a password from our member service jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi.

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PhD supervision

The doctoral researcher-supervisor relationship includes obligations and rights that apply to both the supervisor and the researcher. Some of the rights and obligations are affected by whether the PhD research work is done under employment, on a grant or at the researcher’s own expense alongside other work.

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Fixed-term employment contracts

Information, advice, statistics and solutions for fixed-term employment relationships in universities. 

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Career services

The career services of FUURT consist of training for all career stages, career coaching as support for career development and occupational well-being, as well as tips and good practices related to applying for job positions and funding. Our career services are available online, and our career coaches can be reached by phone, for example. You can use our career services anytime, anywhere!

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