Check your tax returns – important tax instructions for academics

Now is the time to check your tax returns – a sure sign of spring! This year, you should check your tax return and various deductions very carefully. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased remote work, which means more employees are entitled to deductions for, for example, workspace expenses and other remote work expenses (incl. internet connections and furniture). Commuting and travel expenses entitle an employee to deduct expenses for the use of masks, as well.

Grant recipients should remember that grants are now considered income for the year in which they are paid to the recipient. Those who have earned foreign income should remember to report this income to the Tax Administration.

We have collected some links related to remote work and commuting or travel as well as other tax instructions important to academics, for example, concerning grants and foreign income.

For more information about taxation, please visit the Finnish Tax Administration website. The Tax Administration also provides personal tax counselling (telephone service or chat). The contact information is available at

Important dates

Pre-completed tax returns will appear in MyTax by 3 April 2021.

Check and correct your tax return by the deadline date of 4 May, 11 May or 18 May. You can check the date on your tax return and in MyTax.

Links to the key instructions of the Tax Administration

Remote work deductions

Presentation material for the Remote work and deductions webinar on 23 March 2021


Foreign income