Bread and circuses -Jytte taking part in the FUURT autumn seminar

FUURT organizes an afternoon seminar themed Doctors of a thousand career paths at September 2th 2021 from 12.00 ‘till 17:15. Days itinerary consists of local events organized by Jytte and an open national webinary by FUURT. Interesting discussions and relevant quests are streamed to the public for the whole afternoon.

The day will begin with a panel discussion Yliopistoyhteisö pandemian jälkeen (University community after the pandemic) (in Finnish) organized by Jytte with other associations, from 12.00 ‘till 13.30. After this, there is good time to participate in the FUURT event concerning the career paths of doctors. From 15.45 ‘till 17.15 Jytte organizes a panel discussion themed Doctors of a thousand career paths: Experiences from JyU. Afterwards, Jytte offers it’s members a possibility for food and recreation (more info below). All events are online, so no contamination hazards included. Links to Jytte’s events at the end of the e-mail.

Please remember to register your participation in every event independently.


Details on Jytte’s events:

Yliopistoyhteisö pandemian jälkeen

September 2th 2021 klo: 12.00-13.30 . Auditory C1 and Moniviestin.

The event is in Finnish

Organizers: Jyväskylän Tieteentekijät (JYTTE), Professoriliiton paikallisosasto, Jyväskylän yliopiston opetusalan paikallisyhdistys (JYLL), Jyväskylän yliopiston henkilökuntayhdistys (JYHY), Jyväskylän yliopiston ammattiosaston (JYTT) sekä Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta (JYY)


Keijo Hämäläinen, Rector, JYU

Olli-Pekka Moisio, Department of social sciences and philosophy, JYU

Tiina Nikkola, Department of teacher education, JYU

Juho Strömmer, Terveystalo

and student representative from JYY (exact person announced later)

Panel chair Johanna Turunen, chair of Jytte’s board.

You can participate in the event live or through Moniviestin (link coming soon). Electronic participation does not require registration. Participation on site reguires registration. Live seats are reserved for 50 first attendees. Registration link:

Link to the actual panel:


14.00-15.30 Doctors of a thousand career paths

How can we make research careers attractive and versatile? What do early career researchers think about their future? What choices may lead to different doctoral careers?

Answers to these questions, and others, will be given in the Doctors of a thousand career paths event. There will be dynamic discussions, presentations of different real-life career paths and inspiration for planning your own career. The live stream event will be simultaneously interpreted from Finnish into English.

Further info, registration and timetable can be found from: and facebook event from


Doctors of a thousand career paths: Experiences from JyU 2.9.2021 klo: 15.45-17.00

In Jyttes panel, we continue where the national discussion left and focus more closely on the situation of JYU concerning young researchers.


Minni Matikainen, doctoral researcher/chair of board of RETEE researcher assocition

Chloe Foilloux, doctoral researcher

Johanna Turunen, doctoral researcher/chair of Jytte’s board

Panel chair: members of Jytte’s work group for young researchers

Panel held in English


For people participating in Young researchers panel, Jytte offers gift vouchers for coffee/tea and sandwich, to be claimed from R-kioski, a 5€.


Registrations to Elina Laurila,

Osallistumislinkki: Doctors of a thousand career paths: Experiences from JyU 2.9.2021 klo: 15.45-17.00


Food and recreation on seminar day:

During the seminar day, Jytte offers its members a possibility to partake in good food and cultural activity. Members who participate in at least one (or both) Jytte-organized panels, have the option to get a to-go lunch from Restaurant Figaro. Menu possibilities are either vegetarian or a meaty variant.


Also, members participating in the afternoon panel about the career path of young doctors, Jytte offers a coffee-and-sandwich -voucher of 5€ to R-kioski.


For your cultural sensibilities, Jytte also offers its members one of the three options for evening recreation:

-Rikinkeltainen taivas -play, a recording from Finnish National Theatre a 20€.

For more info:

-KJC Stream: Aili Ikonen & Antti Kujanpää Duo -jazz-pop duo performance, a 6,40€. For additional info:

-SF Anytime gift voucher to a Nordic movie-streaming service, 10 €.

For more info and their excessive catalogue:

Food and cultural gift vouchers are reserved to first fourty (40) members applying. The reservations are binding. When reserving, provide your full name, panel(s) you are attending, food alternative (vegetarian or meat) and possible allergies, and your choice for cultural voucher. Applying only individually, no groups, and only for members of Jytte. Further info after the registration.

Registrations to Elina Laurila ‘till 26.08.2021.

Jyttes facebook event for the whole day: