Unemployment Fund’s summer greetings

Teachers’ Unemployment Fund has compiled instructions regarding unemployment and applying for the earnings-related allowance.

First application — How and when?

Register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office no later than on the first day of your unemployment. Registration is easily done through the TE Office’s E-services.

Fill in the application in Openetti retrospectively. If your employment terminates on 04 June 2022, fill in the application for the period 5.6 — 13.6 no earlier than Monday, 13 June 2022. You can find Openetti on the fund website.

Attachments to the application

A comprehensive list of the most common attachments required for an application can be found on the fund website. Deliver at least these:

  1. Weekly working hours report if your working hours have varied from week to week
  2. Employment contract or public service employment contract if the details of the employment relationship cannot be determined with sufficient accuracy from the Incomes Register.

If you receive holiday bonus or holiday compensation for the summer, submitting a salary slip attached to your application can greatly speed up the processing of your application.

When will you process my application?

Follow our current processing date on the website. We update the information regularly.

Please be prepared that in summer there will be a backlog in processing applications.

Follow-up application and other considerations

Generally, the completion of a follow-up application is timely in July. Submit a follow-up application no earlier than 4 weeks or a month after the last day of your first application. Submit a follow-up application even if your first application has not been processed.

You can find instructions for filling in an application on the website under Instructions and support. Also read the instructions for filling in a follow-up application here.

Information on the payment date of wages is important

Always indicate the payment date of wages that falls in the application period. Indicate the payment date on the application, even if your employment has already ended. If the application period has working hours, be sure to mark the hours worked in the application. Also submit a part-time job contract to the fund.

Other considerations

Apply for a daily allowance until the beginning of your full-time job. Check when payment for your work starts. Apply for a daily allowance until then.

Please remember to take care of the payment of membership fees yourself in the summer. For membership fee matters, please contact the FUURT’s membership service: jasenpalvelu(at)tieteentekijat.fi.  Telephone service for FUURT’s membership matters is available on weekdays at 9 a.m. – 16 p.m. , tel. +358 (0)207 589 619

With these guidelines, we hope that the application process will run easily and effortlessly.

We wish everyone a sunny summer!

Teachers’ Unemployment Fund

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Tel. 09-2294 4100

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