The rules of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund were renewed

The membership conditions of the unemployment fund have been expanded, more and more people with higher education can now become members of the fund. The change affects to those members of FUURT who are not yet members of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

If you are already a member of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund, you will not be affected by this change.

Some of the new rules can be found in the picture below. In addition to these amendments, there are also a few points in the rules that have been revised concerning, for example, the tasks of the administration and the Bureau. 

The new rules have been published on the Fund’s website.

You can read about the full membership conditions under the new rules of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund here: Conditions of membership.

According to the new rules, the name of the Fund will also change in 2023. Until the end of 2022, the name will continue to be the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund, after which the name of the Fund will change to The Unemployment Fund for Education and Science.

The Financial Supervisory Authority has confirmed the new rules of the Fund on 13 June 2022.

Members of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers are provided with unemployment insurance through the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund. When joining the union, you can also join the unemployment fund as long as you meet the fund’s member requirements.

Learn more about the unemployment security here.