Returning to the lovely people of FUURT

In mid-February, new Membership Service Specialist Marsa Nyqvist-Hämäläinen began work at FUURT’s office. Personally, she does not quite call herself new – since she is returning to her former place of work. Marsa was in charge of our member services from 2008 until 2018, after which she worked at Talentia for four years. What drew her back to the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers?

“The lovely members”, she answers without hesitation. “I greatly value scientific knowledge and the work of academics. Our members are very nice, smart people and always grateful for the help they receive.”

Marsa has quite a bit of experience in membership services, having helped members of both OAJ and the Finnish Kennel Club before FUURT. She says she enjoys her work when she has the freedom to do it as herself and can provide high-quality service.

“I always try to be proactive and advise the members on what they should consider in terms of their own interest.”

As an example, she mentions members that have moved to Finland from abroad and are often confused about unemployment benefits and issues related to working on a grant.

Marsa arrived at FUURT right in the middle of the member register reform, which was another thing that intrigued her. With the reform, all electronic services will be concentrated in the e-service and there will be no more need to email the membership services. “Information security will improve and membership management and benefits will become clearer when everything is in one place”, she summarises.

Not all issues can be managed electronically, nor should they be. Marsa provides advice and guidance by telephone in Finnish, Swedish and English during office hours at +358 (0)207 589 61.

Welcome back, Marsa!

Membership Service Specialist Marsa Nyqvist-Hämäläinen spends her free time taking care of her three dogs and vacationing in Greece with her spouse.