Nina Hahtela joins FUURT as a Senior Adviser on labour market policy

Nina Hahtela joined FUURT as a Senior Adviser on labour market policy at the beginning of May. Nina is a Doctor in Health Sciences and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care (Nursing). Nina joins FUURT from the Finnish Nurses Association, where she made a long career, also serving as President.

Nina is interested in extensive advocacy work, and in this new role at FUURT she is particularly intrigued by the multidisciplinary member base united by their work in science and research.

‘I have been involved in advocacy work for more than 15 years. I will be able to draw on my previous experience and expertise, but above all I will be able to make my extensive networks available to FUURT for their benefit. Thanks to my background in doctoral research, I can relate to the challenges academics experience in the workplace,’ she says.

Nina is a multilingual specialist in working life and well-being at work.  She has studied workplace culture and how it affects patient, nursing, and organisational outcomes.

Nina’s key task is to promote the well-being of academics. These tasks include involvement in labour market and employment policy, social security, and pensions policy, seeking improvements to working conditions in higher education and research environments, equality and equal opportunity issues, and protecting the interests of academics in universities of applied sciences.

‘Alongside policy advocacy, I look forward to close interaction with members. I hope to contribute to the well-being of scientists and researchers. In addition, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other specialists in Akava,’ Nina says.

In her free time, she likes to engage in various recreational activities with her family.

We warmly welcome her to our team!