New service to assist homeowners and home buyers to study the environmental sustainability of the home

The service means you can now study the environmental sustainability of a dwelling. It helps you to get an idea of where and how the environmental impacts of the dwelling arise, how they can be anticipated and affected. The service and the expertise behind it are provided by Gaia Consulting, and the service is sponsored by Danske Bank.

Since 2016, Danske Bank, together with Akava and its affiliates, has been building the financial peace of mind of highly-educated Finns and has offered them significant benefits in housing loans, investment and daily banking services.

“Users of the Kestävä koti (Sustainable home) service can take a look at their new or existing home also from the environmental sustainability perspective. We want people living in Finland to have the chance to build their finances and financial peace of mind on a sustainable footing and we hope that this new service will help. I’m really pleased that together, we can now tell union members about the new Kestävä koti service,” says Riikka Laine-Tolonen, Head of Personal Customers Finland at Danske Bank.

”Responsibility is an important value for highly-educated Akava members. Akava, too, wants to bear its responsibility for the climate and the future in its own operations and advocacy work. I warmly encourage members of Akava affiliates to make use of the Kestävä koti tool when the time comes for thoughts about big housing decisions. Remember, too, that union members still have the chance to make use of the many benefits Danske Bank offers in new housing loans and when transferring loans,” says Ida Mielityinen, Service Manager at Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland.

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