Membership fee

ITTE’S general meeting decided 18.11.2021 that the membership fees for the year 2022 will be the same, as they have been throughout Itte’s history. In the general meeting there was a livile discussion on the matter, and after voting the decision was that the membership fees are going to be 1 % of salary for the year 2022.

The reason why there was a lively discussion at the general meeting, was based on the proposal of the board of FUURT, that there could be a limit on the maximum membership fee paid. This would have meant that when a member’s membership fee would exceed the limit, s/he wouldn’t need to pay membership fee for the rest of the year.

The main reasons why Itte’s general meeting decided, after voting, that the membership fee are going to be the same and that Itte will not accept the limit to membership fee are related to the solidarity of our members. When employed members pay the same share of their salary, all employed members are treated in the same way. It is obvious that those with a bigger salary will pay more, as they are also earning more, but everyone is paying the same share of their salary. The reason why the limit to the membership fees was introduced was the fear that our members would change the trade union membership to some other trade union.

Those who were opposing the limiting of membership fees argued that the solidarity between members is a central idea in the trade unioin and that it is fair that every one is paying the same share of their income to support the common goals of the trade union. If there was a limit, then this would mean that those with a bigger salary would receive the same services while paying smaller share of their income to the union. The main idea of trade union has always been the solidarity between members and the readiness to take into action to defend those who are in a weaker position. The limit to membership fees would be opposite to this goal.

In the discussion it was also reminded that the membership fees are fully deductible in the taxation.