FUURT Union meeting’s statement on Tampere University’s cooperation negotiations

The Tampere University community is currently awaiting decisions following the cooperation negotiations which ended on 16 November, 2021. In its negotiation initiative, the employer stated reducing university support staff by 215 person years in order to produce savings worth 14 million euros. During the negotiations the employees’ proposed a controlled structural renewal which would ensure support for the university’s core functions by balancing the university finances over the course of three years without dismissing staff.

Tampere University is currently formulating its decisions regarding the 
reductions to support staff. The Finnish Union of University Researchers and 
Teachers (FUURT) wishes to underline the importance of the support staff to 
teaching and research. The FUURT union meeting appeals to the Tampere University management that the changes that are necessary for the university’s functionality and economy be accomplished without reduction to staff.