FUURT Union Board 2022

FUURT union board members and deputy members for 2022, from the left Meri Jalonen, Johanna Turunen, Mika Helander, Pauli Väisänen, Hanna Lempinen, Sanna Rantakömi and Seppo Virtanen.

The FUURT autumn union meeting elected the ordinary board members and their personal deputy members for 2022.  With the exception of the President and Vice Presidents, the term of office for the other members of the Board is one calendar year.

Board members Johanna Turunen (JYTTE), Pauli Väisänen (UOA), Meri Jalonen (SATY) and Mika Helander (FfÅA) will continue for a second term, with Laura Kortesoja (HUART), Jussi Hyvärinen (INA), Hanna Lempinen (LATI + FfÅA) and Marko Helenius (3T + coalition) elected as new members of the board.

President Maija S. Peltola (TURTLE) and Vice President Tero Karjalainen (ITTE) and Sanni Tiitinen (TATTE) will continue in their positions in 2022.

Ordinary members and their personal deputy members (in parentheses)

Laura Kortesoja HUART (Tommi Kokkonen HUART)

Jussi Hyvärinen INA (Kirsi Heino INA)

Johanna Turunen JYTTE (Matti Leppäniemi JYTTE)

Pauli Väisänen UOA (Aku Venhola UOA)

Meri Jalonen SATY (Jussi Simola SATY)

Hanna Lempinen LATI (+FfÅA) (Toni Pakkanen TATTE)

Mika Helander FfÅA (+LATI) (Sanna Rantakömi ITTE)

Marko Helenius 3T + coalition (Seppo Virtanen TURTLE)

The Union Board is tasked with managing union operations and handling union matters in accordance with union meeting decisions and the Union Rules. You can read the Union Rules here.