FUURT members are insured by Chubb insurance company

Chubb European Group Se (Chubb) is an international insurance company, part of one of the world’s largest insurance groups. We have been operating in Finland for almost 30 years.

FUURT has insured its members with group insurance (membership insurance), which includes leisure travel Insurance, leisure accident insurance and union event insurance. Group insurance provides members with additional cover for leisure, travel, and participation in the organizational activities.

Leisure accident insurance

Leisure accident insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, permanent disability and death caused by an accident. The insurance is valid 24/7 worldwide and is valid until the age of 68.

Leisure travel insurance

Leisure travel insurance provides coverage for accidents and illnesses that occur during a trip. The insurance is valid on trips that last at least over one night and extend more than 50 kilometers from the insured’s home, workplace, place of studies or vacation home. The coverage also includes trip cancellation, interruption, and damage to baggage. The insurance also covers children and grandchildren under 20 who travel with the insured. In the combination of business and leisure travel (which starts as a business trip), travel insurance remains valid after the work-related portion of the trip has ended. The insurance is valid until the age of 68.

Union event insurance

When participating in organizational activities of the union, the member has union event insurance coverage. The insurance includes coverage for medical expenses, permanent disability caused by accident, and damage for luggage. The insurance is valid until the age of 68.

Chubb’s customer service and claims service

More information about the insurances and complete terms and conditions can be found at https://www.chubb.com/nordic-en/fuurt.html. The information needed to apply for compensation can also be found on the website.

Contact Chubb by email at asiakaspalvelu@chubb.com or by calling Chubb’s customer service number at 09 6861 5151 on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.