Acatiimi survey on career paths

Acatiimi magazine is writing an article on university careers. For the article we hope for free-form comments from people working in universities:

– Has planned career advancement been possible for you?
– What do you think of researcher’s four-staged career path and tenure track in Finland?
– Do you feel it is possible to merit and advance in your own job?
– Do you think it is possible to change the emphasis in the middle of your career (for example, from research-oriented to teaching-oriented job or vice versa)?
– What kind of problems do you think are blocking your career path?

Please answer the survey in the link below no later than Friday 23 October. All comments are treated confidentially and are used anonymously in the story. However, you may leave contact information if the Acatiimi is allowed to contact you for further questions. For more information, please contact Tuomo Tamminen, Editor-in-Chief ( The article will be published on 19 December.

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