Maria Löfgren appointed as new President of Akava

The union meeting of Akava elected Maria Löfgren as the new President of Akava. The union meeting voted and elected Löfgren in the first round with a total of 514 votes.  Her term as President shall begin immediately and continue until the spring union meeting in 2024.

Maria Löfgren, LL.M., is transferring to the position of President of Akava from her job as Executive Director for the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO). She has extensive experience working with the Akava organisation and the private sector.

“I accept this task with great enthusiasm and emphasise that the work of the President requires the ability to work as a team. Results are brought about through co-operation, a shared understanding and inclusive participation. Many have expressed the need to restore confidence in the labour market and I view this as a key aspect of my new position. I would like to warmly thank those who support me and I will do my utmost best to be worthy of the trust shown to me by the Akava community. I would also like to express my gratitude to my opponent, Jari Jokinen, for the constructive conversations and congenial atmosphere throughout the campaign”, states Löfgren.

Löfgren stresses that maintaining the work ability and well-being of employees is as much a core issue in economic and employment policies as taxation and a balanced public economy.

Akava’s union meeting was held in Helsinki and was attended by representatives of all 36 Akava affiliates. Altogether 897 votes were cast. Löfgren’s opponent, Jari Jokinen, received 383 votes. FUURT supported Löfgren as well.

The job of President of Akava is a full-time position. The President’s duties include managing the Board of Directors and office of Akava as well as serving as Akava’s representative in public.

Photo: Liisa Takala