FUURT spring events will be postponed or replaced with remote meetings

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, FUURT will be postponing events planned for the spring. New schedules will be announced later.

FUURT is looking into organising the spring union meeting on a new date as well as the possibility to arrange the event as a remote meeting. The spring seminar organised adjacent to the union meeting has been cancelled. If you have made reservations to travel to the union meeting, please contact financial manager Sanna Hoikka.

The shop stewards’ spring event will be organised as a remote meeting.

All the other conferences, meetings and training events will be arranged with the possibility to attend remotely. The union does not recommend the shop stewards to travel during the epidemic. The union office staff will continue to work as usual, but the staff is recommended to work remotely.

FUURT follows closely the authorities’ briefing about the situation and will guide its members as needed.

For more information, please contact:

Johanna Moisio, Executive Director, johanna.moisio(at)tieteentekijat.fi.