Are you planning to take a trip this summer during your time off? FUURT members are insured by the Chubb insurance company.

Are you planning to take a trip this summer during your time off? Do you know what situations FUURT’s travel insurance covers?

Travel insurance provides security in case of an accident or illness during travels or if your trip is cancelled or interrupted. The insurance also compensates you for damaged luggage.

The insurance is valid for any trip of at least one night that extends more than 50 kilometres from the home, workplace, study place, or holiday residence of the insured. The travel insurance is also valid if you combine a work trip and leisure holiday.

Example 1: Trip Cancellation

The insured has booked a leisure holiday trip to Greece. The insured has also booked train tickets from home to Helsinki and a one-night hotel stay in Helsinki. A couple of days before the trip, the insured falls ill with an acute upper respiratory tract infection.

The insured calls the doctor, who prescribes sick leave. The insured also cancels the flight and train tickets because it is not possible for him to travel due to illness. The insured makes an electronic claim report online and attaches the necessary documents.

The insured receives a compensation decision where the costs of the flight, hotel night and train journey are reimbursed. Please note that taxes refunded by airlines are not reimbursed.

Example 2: Motion sickness

The insured is on a leisure trip in Spain. The insured starts feeling bad in the middle of the trip, has a fever and has stomach symptoms. The insured calls the travel emergency service SOS international and informs that he has travel insurance through Tieteentekijät, SOS international directs the insured to a healthcare establishment.

The insured visits a doctor’s office and the doctor writes him a prescription. SOS International has given the healthcare establishment a payment commitment, so the insured will not incur any costs for a doctor’s visit. The insured person recovers and travels home at the end of the holiday trip. The insured subsequently applies for reimbursement for medical expenses for medications he went to pick up at the pharmacy, which are reimbursed to him from the insurance.

Example 3: Baggage compensation

The insured has been on a leisure trip in Tallinn. The insured was taking pictures when the insured accidentally stumbled and dropped the phone. The phone does not turn on after this, the insured person travels back to Finland and visits a phone shop, where it turns out that it is not possible to repair the phone. The insured makes an electronic claim report online and informs Chubb that the phone was purchased 6 months ago. The insured will be reimbursed the purchase price of the phone without deductions because the phone was less than a year old.

There is no deductible in the above types of damage (Travel sickness, Baggage and Trip cancellation).

More information about insurances and the full insurance terms and conditions (in Finnish) can be found on Chubb’s website.