Akava Medals of Merit for 14 academics

The Board of Akava has awarded the annual Medals of Merit to deserving members of the Akava community. As many as 14 deserving academics will receive the 2020 Medal of Merit. 

Akava awards Medals of Merit for very meritorious and long-term work for the benefit of Akava members. Vice chair Tero Karjalainen handed out the awards virtually at the autumn Union meeting on 28 November. The recipients could not be congratulated on the spot and with hugs and flowers, so we will send them our warm congratulations here!

Bronze Medal of Merit​

Antti Pajala (TYT)​

Erkki Pesonen (ITTE)​

Bronze Medal of Merit with silver leaves​

Ari Lehtonen (TYT)​

Markku Mäkivuoti (OYA)​

Arja Rautio (OYA)​

Kimmo Kontio (OYA)​

Annamari Markkola (OYA)​

Silver Medal of Merit​

Juha Huikari (OYA)​

Sari Hyttinen (TATTE)​

Maija S. Peltola (TYT)​

Antero Puhakka (ITTE)​

Esa Storhammar (JYTTE)​

Pirkko Viitala (OYA)​

Seppo Virtanen (TYT)​