Welcome to Tatte!

Everyone working as a teacher, researcher or in the administration at Tampere University is welcome to join Tatte. Further, student members interested in university teaching and research can also be members. There are events organized regularly for members offering opportunities to discuss work and the politics of science as well as general recreation and networking.

You can become a member of Tatte whether you’re currently employed, have a grant or are unemployed. Employed people are also members of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund. The membership of the Unemployment Fund begins on the same day as the membership of the organization.

In Finland, everyone joins the trade union via the local organization. Tatte is one of the local organizations of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT). FUURT, in turn, is part of the central union confederation, Akava. Additionally, FUURT is a member of Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO), which takes care of employment contract and salary negotiations.

The membership fee and becoming a member in practice

You apply for the membership with an electric membership application via the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers.

More information about becoming a member

The membership fee is 1.00% of the main salary. People working in a non-Finnish job pay 8€/month. This group includes grant researchers, people on family leave, unemployed, conscripts, people working abroad and people getting sickness benefit. For undergraduate students and pensioners, the membership fee is 60€/year.

Updating the information regarding membership

Keeping your membership information up to date can easily be done via the E-Services of Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers. In E-Services, you can update your contact information and inform us about changes in your employment. Keeping your email address up to date ensures that the member communication reaches you!