The members and deputy members of the board are chosen in the autumn union meeting for one year at a time. The board consists of the president, the vice president(s), the secretary, the treasurer and other responsible people necessary.

In 2022, the board work is supported by four workgroups, focusing on the following themes:

  • Fair and decent working opportunities and management
  • International researchers and teachers
  • Developing Tatte’s internal practices and communication
  • Events and taking care of our current members

Board of Tatte 2022


Toni Pakkanen, Deputy member of the board of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers,


To be selected..

Members of the board

Jaana Virta
Deputy member Mikko Poutanen

Liisa Ahlava
Deputy member Derek Ruez

Vesna Holubek
Deputy member
Kirsi Varpa

Mila Bujic
Deputy member Paula Saarinen

Ashok Aspatwar
Deputy member Anne Soronen