The board of Tatte and other active members actively follow the development issues regarding representing interests, voice opinions and inform members about current matters. Active Tatte members look after the interests of union members on a local decision-making level in decision-making bodies and working groups at the University of Tampere as well as on a national level in the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers.

The members of Tatte in decision-making bodies and statutory working groups

The email addresses are firstname.lastname (at)

Occupational Health and Safety Committee at Tampere University

Occupational safety representative Riitta-Liisa Larjovuori
Deputy member Vuokko Kohtamäki
Employee representative of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee Hanna Rautajoki
Deputy employee representative of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee Virve Peteri

The Academic Board of Tampere University (2022-2025)

Hanna Kuusela
Sinikka Torkkola

Teaching and research staff assessment group

Representative Hanna Rautajoki
Representative Vuokko Kohtamäki

Tampere University Cooperation Council

Representative Sinikka Torkkola
Deputy representative Liisa Ahlava

Tatte members in the FUURT decision making bodies and workgroups in 2023

The Union Board

Member of the board Liisa Ahlava
Deputy member of the board Jaana Virta

Early Career Researchers workgroup

Iuliia Gataulina