Take part in the survey on universities’ administrative autonomy by 7 Feb.

The Ministry of Education and Culture established a work group on 25 June, 2020, to examine the state of university autonomy across Finnish universities. Members of university communities are asked to take part in the survey by 7 February. 

The work group is tasked with conducting “an assessment of the status of administrative autonomy and its relationship with the provisions laid down in the Constitution” among universities with different models of government (Ministry of Education and Culture, 2020, press release available in Finnish). The work group will also consider the need to specify the university legislation “regarding the election of the chairperson of the joint multi-member administrative body of a foundation university” (Ministry of Education and Culture, 2020).

The work group will present its report to the Ministry by 28 February, 2021. Participants may respond to the survey in Finnish, Swedish or English here.