Tatte’s May Day Event 30th April 2024, at 12-14

TATTE organizes a May Day event on 30th April at 12-14 in front of Pinni B, city center campus, or if it is raining, in the Teatterimonttu lobby

The event will feature speeches from University Lecturer Jani Hakkarainen on Sivistysyliopisto and from University Lecturer Vuokko Kohtamäki on Facing the Fast Track Policy for Science and Learning. We’ll be operating flexibly in Finnish and English, and active members of TATTE will also be around to chat about union-related matters or whatever else is on your mind. In addition, TATTE’s work community wellbeing grant call will be opened during the event!

After the speeches, Tatte is excited to welcome Arion Raudes for a performance. Arion is a rapper and transactivist from Tampere. In his songs, he deals with his own experiences of transmasculinity, longing to be seen, and self-discovery. Intense and poetic rap invites you to cherish your inner self and the power of sensitivity.

Tatte offers traditional Finnish May Day treats sima (“mead”) and vegan munkki (“doughnuts”) to everyone.