Fenix Collegium Award: nominate a good colleague by 12.4.2023

The Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers (TATTE) will present the traditional Fenix Collegium Award in spring 2023. Nominations are now open.

The TATTE Fenix Collegium Prize will be awarded again this year, and nominations for the prize can be submitted now. The aim of the award is to give recognition to academics and other people at Tampere University who are pillars of their own work community. The award is not based on merit in research or teaching, but simply on good cooperation, maintaining a good spirit in one’s own work community, peer support or trust for co-workers, and practical day-to-day co-operation and solidarity.

The Fenix Collegium prize is worth 1,000 euros. The recipient can spend the amount with and among their colleagues in the way they consider most conducive to the well-being of their work community. In addition, a Fenix Collegium rotating prize, created by Tampere artist Mikko Tapio, will be presented to the recipient’s work community.

The prize is named after the phoenix bird, a mythical sacred bird that arrives when help is most needed. When its time is up, the phoenix burns to ashes, but a new bird always rises from the ashes and the story begins again. In the Fenix Collegium award, the bird symbolises the self-correcting and constructive power of the research community, which does not need an authoritarian management culture or a cult of scientific stardom to renew itself. With this award, Tatte wants to show his appreciation for researchers, teachers, and other staff members who see an equal, collegial community as a key prerequisite for research and as a creative force.

Any member of the Tampere University community can be nominated for the award. The nominee does not have to be a member of Tatte ry. At least three colleagues of a good colleague, at least one of whom should be a member of Tatte, may nominate a candidate. In previous years, the prize has been awarded to Sanna Raudaskoski (2011), Tarja Aaltonen (2012), Elias Pekkola (2013), Lina van Aerschot (2015), Yulia Shumilova (2017) and Veli-Matti Värri (2019). The previous winner was Teijo Räty in 2021.

Please send your nomination with a justification of up to one page to puheenjohtaja@tatte.fi on 11.4.2023 at the latest. The winner will be announced and the prize presented at Tatte’s May Day event on Friday 28.4.2023.

Information about the award is available on Tatte’s website at https://tieteentekijat.fi/en/union-close-to-you/member-associations/tampereen-yliopiston-tieteentekijat-ry-tatte/aims-and-activities/.