After Work 12 November, 2020

Come and join us for a discussion on the report on management systems and University Regulations on 12 November at 16:00!
The working group tasked with reviewing the university’s management systems and University Regulations has finalized their report, and the chair of the working group will present the report Tuesday 10 November from 10:30-11:30. Comments on the report can be submitted by an electronic form by 19.11. The report is available for reading on the intranet: The same page also includes more information about the presentation event and about submitting the comments.
At Tatte we are mainly happy about the contents of the report. Many of the working group’s suggestions are in line with Tatte’s aims. Come and join us for a discussion on the report and have a say in what we include in our comments on the report! We will host a casual After Work event for our members on Thursday 12 November from 16:00 to 17. You will have the Zoom-link sent to your email.
Joining us for the After Work will be the deputy member of the working group Tuomas Tervasmäki, the member of the Academic Board Hanna Kuusela as well as the members of Tatte’s board Liisa Ahlava, Mikko Poutanen and Sanni Tiitinen, among others. If you cannot join us, but would like to make your voice heard through Tatte’s comments, please email Sanni ( Please note that all members of the university community are also welcome to comment on the report directly via the electronic form mentioned in the intra-news.